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Kitchen Renovation Questions


How expensive are kitchen renovations and how long do they take?

  • Kitchen renovations can vary greatly in cost and duration depending on how involved the renovation is and what materials are used.
  • Less time is required for renovations when appliance and sink locations remain, opposed to relocating pipes and wires to new locations.
  • Structural changes and electrical upgrades may be necessary and will certainly increase the cost and length of time for the renovation.
  • With the help of one of our designers you can easily determine the time line and budget for the job

Does Schweitzer's have any payment plans for my renovation?

  • Yes. You can finance up to 60% of your project with us through Eco-Home Financial. Click here for more details. 

What counter top materials are available and what's best for my kitchen?

  • Laminate
  • Meganite / Corion
  • Granite and Marble
  • Quartz


  • Most commonly used and least expensive
  • Comes in hundred's of colours and several textures


  • Canadian version of Corion is a solid surface material that wears very well and can be shaped in a variety ways.
  • Available in over two dozen colours with a fairly matte finish.

Granite & Marble

  • Most natural that comes in hundred's of colours, and about half a dozen different finishes.
  • Natural fissure lines and colours can vary greatly from slab to slab it is imperative that you "tag" your specific slab when selecting the counter top for your kitchen.
  • Some natural tops require sealing more often than others. Be sure to inquire about maintenance on your selection.


  • Cambria, Graniteworx and Ceaserstone are becoming increasing popular in recent years.
  • This material has the best properties of all counter tops.
  • Crushed quartz are the hardest and least porous of all materials, so it requires no sealing or maintenance.
  • Available in more colours than ever before, they make for the most durable, and hygienic kitchen counter tops on the market.
  •  Quartz is man-made, there is no colour variation so slab selection is not required.
  • These tops are always made with a high gloss finish and are generally considered the most expensive counter top option.


Click here to go to our counter top product page.



What kind of cabinets does Schweitzer's use?

  • We use both stock and custom cabinets.
  • Thermo foil also known as vinyl wrap doors make for a very durable and cost effective kitchen.
  • Real wood doors in both domestic and exotic species can be ordered as well.
  • All of our kitchens are done in the "frameless" style, and options including anti-slam doors and drawers along with "magic corners" and dovetail birch drawers can be selected.

Drop by our showroom to view a selection of door styles, finishes & hardware.

Will Schweitzer's take care of my entire kitchen project?

  • Yes! We specialize in being a full service renovation company.
  • From design and product selection to removal and installation we do it all.
  • No need to run around from showroom to showroom or try and co-ordinate several different trades.
  • We show, supply and install counter tops, cabinetry, tile, lighting and of course sinks and faucets.
  • Our experienced team will ensure you get the kitchen you are dreaming of.

Contact us for more information or visit our showroom today.



Bathroom Renovation Questions


Will Schweitzer's do the complete job or just the plumbing?

  • Yes we do the entire renovation from tear-out to paint...if you wish.
  • If you would rather do the painting yourself or some other aspect of the job, that's fine too, we're ready to work with you!
  • We have more than just plumbers on staff, so doing the complete renovation with Schweitzer's makes it an easy, hassle free decision.
  • From design to completion we do it all!

How long does a bathroom renovation take and how long will I be without water?

  • Bathroom renovations can vary greatly in size and complexity, however we have all the skilled trades in-house to ensure it is done right, and on time.
  • Large detailed renovations can stretch to more than 8 weeks, smaller projects are completed in under 2 weeks.
  • Water and electricity to the home is always restored before we leave the premises and normally off for very short periods of time.

Does Schweitzer's have any payment plans for my renovation?

  • Yes. You can finance up to 60% of your project with us through Eco-Home Financial. Click here for more details. 

I have a bathtub now. Can I replace it with a walk-in shower?

  • Yes of course! Many manufacturers produce shower bases to fit the exact footprint of your current bathtub.
  • Walls can be finished inside the shower with acrylic panels, tile, cultured marble or cultured granite panels, meganite or other materials.
  • Factory or custom shower doors, fold-down seats, grab bars, hand showers with slide bars and ceiling rain shower heads are just a few of the accessories you can choose to personalize your own walk-in shower.
  • We also supply and install American Standard walk-in tubs for easy access bathing.

I'm excited to get going on my new bathroom! Where do I begin?

  • Visit our showroom & our professional designers will lead you in the right direction.
  • If you can bring in a few photo's of your current bathroom or perhaps a small sketch outlining the floor plan, that is always most helpful too.
  • Browse around to see what's new and options available.
  • After a pre-estimate meeting in our showroom, a site visit will occur to finalize measurements and check out the current bathroom in more detail.
  • We will guide you through the process step by step at your pace until we have drawn up a proposal that outlines the work involved and the materials selected. Changes can be made until it suites your liking and needs while keeping budget and design criteria in mind.
  • We only consider the proposal final when you are satisfied with what is planned, and begin when all the materials have arrived.

Does Schweitzer's charge for estimates?

  • No, there is no cost or obligation to you for a bathroom estimate, or any other estimate for that matter.
  • We hold our price firm for 30 days, and we are happy to review a proposal with you at any time, making adjustments if required.




Maintenance Questions


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Heating Questions


Does Schweitzer's service, sell or repair forced air heating systems?

No. We only service, sell or repair hydronic (water) heating systems.

I have an older heating system in my home with cast iron radiators. Do I need to bleed the air out?

In most cases yes. You will find a small bleeder screw on the upper side of each radiator.
Simply open this until the air stops escaping and you get a steady stream of water.
Don't be alarmed if the water is dirty or black, that's Okay. This procedure should be done at least once a year to each radiator.


What can I do to reduce my heating bills?

  • Have a technician clean and service your current heating system
  • Add an indoor/outdoor control to your existing system
  • Installing a set-back thermostat
  • Replace the boiler with a new ultra-high efficiency condensing boiler.


Click here to find our more about the latest in boiler technology.



Plumbing Questions


How much does Schweitzer's charge for plumbing service?


         Our rates are $94 per hour for a Plumber/Gas Fitter & truck dispatched and $49 per hour for a helper, if required. The minimum charge is $94 plus a $10 flat rate fuel charge. The time for service is charged from when our technician leaves our shop or the job prior to yours, to when he/she is finished and leaves your property. After the first hour, the time is broken into 1/4 hour increments. Addition charges may apply for specialty equipment such as drain cleaning equipment, sewer cameras or pneumatic & electric concrete tools.


What is causing a shortage of hot water in my home or businesses?

A few reasons for a shortage of hot water are:

  • A burned-out element with an electric hot water tank.
  • Too much demand on an existing hot water tank, perhaps because more people are living in a home, the addition of a basement suite or rapid of expansion of a business, especially if the business requires hot water.
  • Build up of lime & calcium inside the tank reducing the effective volume of hot water that is stored.
  • A broken or disconnected dip-tube inside the tank causing the cold water to mix with the hot water at the top of the tank and causing a lower temperature of the water on all the hot fixtures.

Click here to find out more about replacing or upgrading your water heater.


Why does my toilet flush by itself?


Usually the cause of a running or self flushing toilet is a leaking flapper.

  • This is caused by deterioration of the flapper, or a build up of lime and calcium on the flush valve and flapper allowing the tank water to leave.

One clever way to check this is to put a few drops of food colouring in your toilet tank. If the dyed water makes it's way into the toilet bowl without you flushing the toilet, then your toilet is in need of repair or replacement.





Water Heater Warranty Validation


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