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Sump Pump

Sump pumps are almost a necessity in every home.

These little pumps have an automatic float that turn on the pump and remove ground water from under the basement floor.


Typically the sump pit receives that water via the foundation drainage system.

  • We recommend a good quality submersible sump pump rather than a cheap column style pump.
  • They are quieter and more reliable.
  • During heavy rainfall or in the springtime with snow melt it is extremely important to have a your sump pump in good working order to avoid a flooded basement.

Audible sump alarms can also be added as an accessory to let you know when the water rises above a pre-set level, warning you that something is wrong.

Click here for more information on alarms and back up systems.




Battery Back Up

For extra piece of mind when you are away or during power outages you might want to consider a battery back-up sump pump.


  • These smaller versions of regular sump pumps operate independently from the main sump pump.
  • They work best with a marine style, type 24, deep cycle 12V battery which in turn is plugged into a trickle charger to keep it fully charged.


If the water level in the pit rises above the main sump pump it will initiate the back-up pump to remove the water and keep your basement dry.

  • Check with your home insurance company as many now offer a substantial discount on their premiums when you have a battery back up pump installed.
  • For more information and detailed specifications regarding this unique secondary sump pump click here for alarm & back-up options.

 (battery not included)

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