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Kitchen Renovation Questions


How expensive are kitchen renovations and how long do they take?

What counter top materials are available and what's best for my kitchen?



Granite & Marble



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What kind of cabinets does Schweitzer's use?

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Will Schweitzer's take care of my entire kitchen project?

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Bathroom Renovation Questions


Will Schweitzer's do the complete job or just the plumbing?

How long does a bathroom renovation take and how long will I be without water?

I have a bathtub now. Can I replace it with a walk-in shower?

I'm excited to get going on my new bathroom! Where do I begin?

Does Schweitzer's charge for estimates?




Maintenance Questions


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Heating Questions


Does Schweitzer's service, sell or repair forced air heating systems?

No. We only service, sell or repair hydronic (water) heating systems.

I have an older heating system in my home with cast iron radiators. Do I need to bleed the air out?

In most cases yes. You will find a small bleeder screw on the upper side of each radiator.
Simply open this until the air stops escaping and you get a steady stream of water.
Don't be alarmed if the water is dirty or black, that's ok. This procedure should be done at least once a year to each radiator.


What can I do to reduce my heating bills?


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Plumbing Questions


What is causing a shortage of hot water in my home or businesses?

A few reasons for a shortage of hot water are:

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Why does my toilet flush by itself?


Usually the cause of a running or self flushing toilet is a leaking flapper.

One clever way to check this is to put a few drops of food colouring in your toilet tank. If the dyed water makes it's way into the toilet bowl without you flushing the toilet, then your toilet is in need of repair or replacement.


How can I prevent fluctuations in the water temperature when I shower and someone flushes the toilet?


This is known as "shower shock".


How can I prevent my outside taps from freezing?


Inside your home there should be a shut-off valve for these taps.

Turn it off, open the tap outside and leave it open over winter & remove all hoses.

Your shut-off tap inside has a tiny bleeder cap on the side, open it as well.

When spring arrives and you are ready to garden, reverse the procedure above.


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Water Heater Warranty Validation


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