Slow drains?  Is you bathroom sink, shower or bathtub filling with water faster than it can drain away?

       We will send out a plumber with the latest in drain cleaning equipment to properly un-block and clean those poorly working drains and waste pipes. If missing, we will install clean-out access points in the correct locations to ensure future maintenance is easy. Damaged pipes or those with insufficient grade can be replaced or repaired to ensure years of trouble free service.

       Main sewer lines can sometimes become clogged or blocked causing the plumbing in the entire home to back up. This is especially a problem in older neighbourhoods with large trees. The combination of older sewer pipes and invasive tree roots can clog or even break these pipes. This usually requires us to use a larger drain cleaning machine with a special "root cutting" blade on it to remove these unwanted intruders. If your home does have a history of tree roots entering your sewer line, we recommend a semi-annual application of Sewer Grease and Root Destroyer. This chemical will not damage the tree but will help keep its roots from growing until it's too late. Should the roots be allowed to expand freely they will not only block the pipe, but also
break it, causing the entire sewer to be excavated and replaced...a costly endeavour!




To really know the condition of a sewer pipe, have us use our camera pipe inspection system.

We can record a digital video for your records or for insurance claims.

Our camera system can pinpoint blockages, broken pipes or other issues otherwise impossible to determine.

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